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Stage Coaches

Unique Items

Hearse, This full size hearse is custom built.  We used a vis-à-vis undercarriage and driver seat.  An artistic and very professional wood worker built the wooden enclosure.  We added the wrought iron decorations and curtains.  The hearse has a beautiful compound curved roof and natural wood ceiling.  The back doors open and backdrops down to slide in any size casket.  The hearse is in excellent condition and has been kept indoors.
Collector Series

Deere Implement Co. San Francisco 2 Seat Fringe Top Surry.  This is a beautiful carriage.  I was completely restored 20 years ago and has been kept inside.  A true classic

Racine Sattley Co. Doctors Buggy,   This fancy doctors buggy was completely restored 20 years ago and has been kept in the barn ever since.  This is an excellent Americana Class entry.


  * Expecting 75 Assorted Wagons, Carriages, Buggies and Carts for the Fall Sale

Show Cart

Pioneer Forecart

Brewster Bronson Wagon

Black Oak Wagon Undercarriage

Roberts 4 Passenger Wagonette

¾ Size Hitch Wagon

4 Passenger Wagonette W/Lights and Cover

Eagle Wagonette, Like New, Used 3 Times

Show Hitch Wagon

Buck-Board Wagon”  This wagon was built for Mini-Donkey/Horses.  The seat and wheels were purchased from the Amish.  The wagon comes with a single animal Pole and a team Pole for 2 animals.  The wagon comes with mechanical rear wheel brakes, an added safety provision for hills and parades.  The wagon is 3 years old and mainly pulled by a team of Mini-donkeys.


Hitch Wagon, This is a fancy hitch wagon that has been completely restored.  This wagon is perfect for parades and shows.
Buggies, Carriages and Carts

Vis-à-vis Carriage



Irish Show Cart, This is a beautiful oak show cart that will seat 4.  The back drops down and will hold a large ice chest.  It also has a weight adjuster to place more weight on the shaves.

Marathon Buggy

Baynes Carriage Co. Ontario Canada Runabout

Meadowbrook Cart, 48”.  This is a
beautiful Meadowbrook that can be
used for the show ring or Sunday
afternoon drives

Vis-à-vis Carriage

Pony Cart

Roberts Trail Buggy (Like New)

Victoria Carriage

Yoder Ladies Phaeton Cart

Montgomery Ward Steel Body

Rubber Tire Wagon w/Top

This is a turn of the century German buggy with wagon maker’s plaque.  The buggy was completely rebuilt 2 years ago and is in great shape.  It competed and was driven in the last 2 Bishop Mule Days Celebrations.

  “Horse Cart”  This cart is sized for Mules, Horses, and Mammoth Donkeys.  The cart has an all metal body and pole and can hold 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 kids.  The cart is 6 years old and mainly used to train Mule to drive.

“Mini-Donkey/Horse Cart”  This cart has a wooden body, bike tires, and wooden pole for single animal.  This cart can be used for training and is show quality.  The cart is 4 years old and mainly used for Mini-donkey shows.

(2) Pony Carts

Saddles, Harness and Tack

  * Over 100 Saddles will be offered at this years sale. Special early morning new tack sale on Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m

Hand-Hitched Horse Hair Bridle

Officers Military Saddle. As you can see from the photos, the underside of the saddle is removable and appears to be stuffed with horse hair (I assume that it is original to the saddle). It is in great working condition and is a wonderful saddle for endurance /trail riding.

1913 Mule Saddle

“Australian Mule Saddle”  This saddle was custom made in Australia using a “Mule Tree”, with upfront knee-braces and a 16” seat.  The Saddle comes with all the belly and chest straps.  The Saddle also has a rear Birchen with saddle attach points.  The saddle is 6 years old and is in great shape.

Jim McNulty Cutting Saddle

“Western Saddle”   This saddle was build on a Quarter Horse Tree and a 15 1/2” seat.  The Saddle comes with all the belly and chest straps.  The saddle is 7 years old and is in great shape.

Set New Mini Harness

13” Mini Harness

Circle Y Show Saddle (Like New) 16”

2 Sets of New Mini Harness

Assortted Used Tack

Miscellaneous Equipment

Aeromotor 8’ Windmill W/24’ Metal Tower

“Portable Training Jump”   This Training Horse Jump is movable to desired locations, light weight, and strong.  It has 7 different Jump heights using the top half on the  ground.  It also has 7 additional Jump heights when assembled as shown in attached picture.  The pole is light weight PVC pipe that can take a beating.  This Training Jump has been used to train Mules and Mammoth Donkeys to Jump.

Fire Hose Reel Cart


Antiques and Collectables

  * Over 2000 items sold on Friday

Weaver Model T Tire Changing Machine

The Roy Rogers Hartland Model

One pair custom chaps by Saddle Barn Roswell, NM

Breyer 4 Horses W/Stage Coach

Thomas Kincaid Ducks Unlimited Beetle Wood Furniture

Entertainment Center

One early French Canadian Coca-Cola 1940's metal sign, 17" X 53"

One pair custom chaps made by the late Riverside County saddle maker Ron White

One early French Canadian oval Coca-Cola sign.  Double sided porcelain, 20" X 48"

Horse Bronze Sculpture

Two early cast iron horse head tie ups.  13" tall, sits on 5" pipe and weigh 20 LBS each

One Hickman-Ebbert Wagon Co. tin sign, design by U.S.G. Clemens.  Copyright 1906.  "In the shade of the old apple tree", picture near perfect and frame has a few scratches.

Coffee & End Table Set

Wood Carvings Horse & Mule

Kids Miniature Ride On Toy Horse

Lilly Bell Carousel Horse by Parker, Circa 1912

Barn Décor

3 of 8 Assorted Milk Cans

Draft and Driving Horses


Percheron Gelding (Prince) 7 yr. old.  Broke to ride and drive.

Team of Paint Belgian Cross Mare & Gelding (Jack & Irene) 5 yr. old & 6 yr. old.  This beautiful team is broke to drive and has been used on the movie set.  This team is now used pulling a feed wagon in the feed lot.

Team of Golden Palomino Mares (Gumball & Skidells) 9 & 10 yr. olds.  This beautiful team has been used in a commercial carriage company for the last 5 years.

Reg. Clydesdale Gelding (Legend) 11 yr. old, 18.2HH.  Broke to ride and drive

Reg. Clydesdale Mare (Chanel) 3 yr. old, 17.2HH.  Broke to ride and drive.

Red Sorrel Halflinger (Daisy) 14 yr. old. Daisy has been driven in parades by a lady.  She is very quite and a pleasure to be around.  Wilf Mules Consignment

Team of Percheron Mares (“Ruby” and “Jewel”) 17 yr. olds,  17 HH and 16.1 HH. Ruby & Jewel are a matched set of White Percheron Mares.  Broke to Drive.  They have pulled wagons and carriages in parades, weddings, and charity dinners.  Easy keepers.  In addition, they have produced healthy foals in the past.  Quiet and responsive, with plenty of energy.  They have plenty of good years of driving left in them.

Reg. Haflinger Gelding (Max) 10 yr. old.  This versatile and talented registered 10 year old purebred Haflinger gelding is well grounded.  He has tons of presence with his lite chestnut coloring and his white mane and tail.  His calm and kind temperament and willingness to learn  make him a desire to own.  He is presently in professional training.  His diciplines include, but are not limited to pleasure and trail riding, jumping, dressage, showing western and hunter under saddle.  He has had the foundation set  for driving but has never been hooked to the cart.

Team of Percheron/Morgan Cross Gelding & Mare (Lucky & Luke) 5 yr. olds.  Broke to ride and drive single and double.  This is a fancy team that will work for anyone.

Team of Percheron Belgian Cross Gelding & Mare Team (Bonnie & Clyde) 10 & 14 yr. olds.  This well matched team has worked in the fields and are traffic safe.  Great feet and no shoeing stock needed.  Gentle and safe team. 

Saddle Horses

Buckskin Quarter Gelding (Chance) 8 yr. old.  Broke to ride.

Reg. A.Q.H.A. Red Roan Gelding (Cinch) 11 yr. old.  Broke to ride.

Quarter Horse Gelding (Smokey) 4 yr. old.  Broke to ride

Pony Gelding (Spark) 6 yr. old.  Broke to ride and drive.

Paint Gelding (Sam) 10 yr. old, 15HH.  Sam is broke to ride and drive.  He is traffic safe
and sound.  Sam neck reins, side passes and is a great trail horse

Quarter Horse Mare (Skyler) 8 yr. old.  Broke to ride.

Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding (Trigger) 7 yr. old.  Trigger has a great handle.  He loves attention and is a good family horse.

Draft Paint Cross Gelding (Duke) 7 yr. old.  Duke is broke to ride and drive.  If you are looking for a picnic pleasure horse, check out Duke.

Reg. A.Q.H.A. Gelding (Sanogun) 3 yr. old.  Skunk is a son of Playgun and out of a genuine Lil Col. Mare.  He loves people and wants attention, and works hard to please you on anything you ask him to do.  He has been used to sort cows in sorting events and can stop hard.  Hes has been used to gather and move cattle, roped on to hold calves and steers at brandings.  We have used him on all aspects of our ranch and will work in the arena and outside on the trail.  He is easy to catch, shoe, trim, clip tie up and walks on the hot walker.  He has been started on barrels, pols and other timed events.  This is a horse willing, good minded and has lots of controlled speed.  Professional horse trainer Coleman Alberta put 90 days on this horse and has got this guy off to a great start.  He just needs someone to move him forward.

Reg. A.Q.H.A. Filly (Playingguns for Cash (Cashy) 2 yr. old.  Cashy is by Playgunone and out of a First Down Dash mare.  She will have 30 rides on her by the time of the sale.  She is from proven bloodlines on both sides working cows and speed.  Should make a barrel horse or a roping horse.  She is green but willing, sweet and gentle to be around or ride.  She has good bone, good size foot, she ties, trim or shoes, walks on the hot walker, not aftaid of cows and will go to them and tries to sort them.  This mare just needs someone to taker her and mover her to the next level.

Reg. A.Q.H.A. Gelding (Classyvandglena) 12 yr. old.  Checkers is a sorrel gelding that has been showing the high school rodeo ranks of cutting and other events.  He has won money in cutting and cattle sorting events.  He is a kind and gentle and fun to be around.  He is easy to catch, shoe, trim, tie, clips and walks on the hot walker.  Checkers is good in the arena and outside on the trail and has done everything you ask him to do.  Works great in the branding and sorting pens or moving cattle and you can rope and drag calves to the fire on him.

Grulla Quarter Horse Gelding (Blue)  7 yr. old, 15’3 HH.  Grade Foundation Breed, Blue is a big gentle trail horse with lots of eye appeal.  He will be sound in every way.  Don’t miss him.  Wilf Mules Consignment

Quarter Horse Gelding (Cash) 19 yr. old.  This gelding has been on pack trips in the Sierras and has carried flags in parades.  Trail ridden

Reg. A.Q.H.A. Gelding (Buddy) 15 yr. old.  Buddy has been ridden in parades carrying flags has been to the mountains on pack trips and been trail ridden.   This horse would make a nice roping horse for someone, he is a big nice looking gelding and is also sound. 

Quarter Horse Mare (Star of Deadly Doll) 9 yr. old.  Doll has gathered cattle and is an excellent trail horse.

Reg. A.Q.H.A Gelding(Red Investor) 11 yr. old
Really nice head horse with the power to take you places. Been gathered and branded on too. Nice using horse.  2003 AQHA gelding Red Investor out of Cool Red Clue by Shy Investee.

Thoroughbred Gelding (Justthefactsma’am) 4 yr. old. 
An all around gentle gelding. Will be nice for anyone to ride, with the talent and breeding to do anything. Very nice to be around.  Justthefactsma'am out of Just a Tizzy by Cee's Tizzy.

Quarter Horse Gelding (Logan) 6 yr. old.  Logan is very gentle.  Great all around family horse.  Hidden Y Consignment

Reg. Friesian Percheron Cross Gelding (Sterling) 11 yr. old.  Broke to ride and drive the very best.  Sterling is fancy and gentle.  He loves people and has been there and done that. Hidden Y Consignment

Reg. A.Q.H.A. Gelding (Misters Little Spark) 20 Months.  This Palomino Gelding has some incredible breeding.  Shining Spark/Smart Little Lena/Mr. Dual Pep.  This fancy gelding comes with 45 days training.  Experienced rider needed

Reg. A.Q.H.A. Palomino Gelding (
Spooks Neon Moon) 2 yr. old. AQHA #3506677  by Spooks BLUESTEM N.C.H.A. Money  earner of $75,387 AQHA pt. earner. Half brother of THIRD CUTTING N.C.H.A. Earner of $528,467. 60 Days by sale time. Intermediate rider needed.

Reg. A.P.H.A Gelding (RK Justa-Cheyenne) 3 yr. old.  Green Broke (Reg. #1,009,345) Intermediate rider needed

Reg. A.P.H.A Mare (RK Justa-Brandy) 4 yr. old.  Green Broke (Reg. #1,008,056) Intermediate Rider Needed

Quarter Horse Gelding (Pepo) 5 yr.old.  This fancy dun gelding rides the best.  He is a great family horse.

Mustang Gelding (Lassen) 10 yr. old.  Experienced mountain horse.  This gelding has been used extensively in the Sierras and on hunting trips in Montana.  Intermediate rider needed.



** This years Horse & Mule Sale has the best offering of saddle mules and teams that have ever been consigned to the Fall sale.  We want to Welcome Jason Wilf Mule Co. back to our sale. Jason has put together a GREAT consignment of mules and horses for the sale.

John Mule (KC) 10 yr. old, 15HH.  This gentle Sorrel john mule is a great trail mule.  He has a good wither that holds the saddle.  KC can cover the ground and is a perfect age.  He will work for anyone.


Molly Mule (Roxy) 5 yr. old, 15.2HH.  Roxy is a paint mule with a lot of class.  She has been trail ridden and driven.  She has a good fast walk.  This young mule has the looks and her whole life ahead of her.

Molly Mule (Roseanna) 5 yr. old, 15.2HH.  Roseanna has been trail ridden extensively, elk hunted, coon hunted with dogs in the saddle.  She is an unusual Paint color.  She is calm and nice to work with.

John Mule (JJ) 11 yr. old, 15HH.  JJ is a handsome john mule that is friendly, gentle and good on the trail and in the arena.  He is good to shoe, clip and is not trouble to catch.  He is a very good looking mule.  Intermediate rider needed.

Molly Mule (Fancy) 16HH.  Fancy is a gentle trail mule who has also been packed.

John Mule (Zoom) 5 yr. old, 15HH.  Zoom is friendly, easy catch, shoe, trailer, bathe, clip and is an all around good guy.  He is green but very gentle to ride.  Zoom was raised and started by JoDe Collins.  This is a very well made mule.  He is out of a quarter horse mare and sired by Doudle C’s  Tesoro.

Molly Mule (Roanie) 14 yr. old.  Roanie rides both English and Western.  She has been jumped and trail ridden.

Team of Molly Mules (Blonde & Maude) 16 & 18 yr. olds.  This is a well broke team and about 16 two 18 years been on many drives by Aldo Todeschini in the years pass.
 Has been a 6 up hitch. All monies from the sale of these two mules will go to the Animal Rescue of Lathrop, Inc. non profit 501(C)(3) to help other mules and horses from many areas in California.

Red Sorrel John Mule (Leo) 7 yr. old, 14HH.  Leo is stout made with a star on forehead.  This fancy John is out of a Leo Foundation breed mare and truly shows it.  He has been used as a pleasure trail mule along with ranch work and moving cattle from pasture to pasture.  This is a good solid mule.  Wilf Mules Consignment

Red Sorrel John Mule (Fred) 10 yr. old, 14’3 HH.  Fred has been ridden by an elder man on weekend trail rides, all across the Midwest, has been to Colorado elk hunting, shoes, clips and hauls easy.  A good all around mule and stout made that will fit any rider don’t miss him.  Wilf Mules Consignment

Blonde Molly Mule (Molly) 9 yrs. old, 14’3HH.  Molly is broke to drive in harness.  Gentle trail mule as pleasure or in the mountains.  Hauls, clips and shoes easy.  She’s a pleasure to be around and will be a great asset to your herd.  Don’t miss Molly.  Wilf Mules Consignment.

Team of Black Molly Mules (Jill & Jane) coming 4 & 5 yrs. old, 14’3 & 15 HH. These girls  have been on wagon rides, overnight camping trips, trail ridden at National Championship Wagon Races, been in parades uptown and downtown.  Have a nice long strided walk been hooked to all kinds of wagon and equipment, work like a Swiss watch.  Don’t miss them nice size, good quite level team should fit any level driver.  Wilf Mules Consignment 

Molly Mule (Tonya) 3 yr. old.  60 days training.  Tonya is out of a Tennessee Walker. She should have size and good body.  Traffic safe, swing rope and ready to go to work

Sorrel Mare PACK Mule (Ruby) 9 yr. old, 14’3HH.  Ruby is gentle, easy caught, clipped and shod.  Been to hunting camps, will ride or pack.  Wilf Mules Consignment
Lily is a 9 year old molly mule owned and trained by Jerry Tindell.  She is one of those hard to find mules who possess a kind, gentle disposition and outstanding temperament.  She has never been overexposed, rather brought along slowly in her training.  She loves to be around people and to be handled.  She trailer loads well and is good with her feet.  Her dam is a quarter horse and sire a standard jack.  She is very nicely built and pretty headed.  Lily has excellent ground manners, rides and packs, and has been ground driven in harness.  She has been camping in the mountain and highlined.  She goes in a snaffle bit and hackamore. 

Molly Mule (Jill) 3 yr. old.  60 days training.  She has been ridden on the road and in the hills.

April drives just as well.

Molly Mule (3M Super Star) 11 yr. old.  This fancy molly is very athletic and a smooth ride.  She is friendly and gentle.  Super Star is also good for the farrier and vet.

Molly Mule (April) 7 yr. old.  Broke to ride, drive and pack.

Miniatures & Ponies

Pony Gelding (Cowboy) 10 yr. old.  Broke to ride.


Paint Cross Quarter Pony (Chancy) 5 yr. old.  Broke to ride

Sorrel Miniature Pony Gelding (Cash) 8 yr. old.  Broke to ride.

Paint Miniature Pony Gelding (Pepper) 7 yr. old.  Broke to ride

Paint Miniature Pony Gelding (Peanut) 6 yr. old.  Broke to ride

American Shetland Mare (Peanut) 12 yr. old, 12HH.  Broke to ride and drive and work a pony carousel.  This little mare loves kids, pony parties and is always the favorite.  She is sound, healthy and is an easy keeper.  Clips, bathes, loads and is good for the farrier.  Classy enough for the show ring, sweet enough to be your backyard buddy.  Suitable for a small child with adult supervision.

Welsh/Arab Cross Gelding (Rudy) 7 yr. old, 13HH.  Green broke to ride and started in harness.  He is ground driving, pulling weight and ready to hitch.  Clips, bathes, loads and is good for the farrier.  Fabulous movement with a great trot.  Easy going pocket pony who loves to be loved.  Great CDE prospect.

Shetland Pony Mare (Ginger Snap) 4 yr. old.  Ginger is trained to drive single.  She is started under saddle.  She has a nice disposition and is a great family pony with a lot of flash for the show ring.

Pony of the Americas Gelding (Pebbles) 7 yr. old.  Pebbles has lots of color, movement and style.  Shown as a driving pony and under saddle.  Goes English or Western.  Started over fences.  Suitable for a small adult or child rider.  Good on trails with excellent ground manners.

Welsh Pony Gelding (Shadow) 15 yr. old, 13HH.  Shadow is trained to ride and drive and pony ride carousel.  He is sound, healthy, clips, bathes, trailer loads, easy keeper and good for the farrier.  Shadow is shy, but gentle.  He loves to work and with a little tune up would be able to compete.  Confident beginner or intermediate rider needed.  Great CDE candidate.

Miniature Pony Gelding (Spot) 5 yr. old.  Broke to ride and drive.  Spot has a puppy dog attitude.  Hidden Y Consignment

Trucks & Trailers

6' x 10' Enclosed Cargo Trailer

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